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Mathilde is a screen and stage actress. She was born in France and grew up between the suburbs of Paris and the mountains of the French Alps, prior to moving to Sydney, Australia.

Mathilde is known in Australia for her roles in feature films Streets of Colour, Kickons and Life on Earth: Severance and Kickons, Channel 7 comedy TV series FamTime. She has also played lead roles in dozens of short films, including The Corners of Your Smile for which she received several awards including Outstanding Performance for Best Actor Award. Mathilde also shines on stage. She performed in a sold out season of Australian queer play The Bed Party at the Old 505 theatre where she received critical acclaim. When not acting, you can find her writing, practicing yoga and other woo-woo things, roller skating, and brushing up on her piano skills.

Mathilde is headed to the United States in early 2020 for a number of projects including a comedy TV series, and a romantic TV series.
Lachlan Ingham is a 23-year-old actor. He Graduated from The Academy of Film, Theatre and Television in November 2017. Since then he has been in a number of different short films and stage productions and had the opportunity to work with writer/director Andrew Lawrence. He is currently building his experience and body of work in both theatre and screen acting.



Justin Latimer is a freelance Cinematographer and a current member of the ACS (Australian Cinematographer Society). He is a passionate filmmaker focused on telling stories with rich complex arcs and deep moral dilemmas. His forte is behind the camera, story building on screen and piecing together the parts in the editing room or in pre-production during concept development and execution. Justin has already worked on over 50 short films, experiencing different departments, problems, and solutions. He has studied 2 years at Sydney Film School, focusing largely on Directing and Cinematography. Justin has extensive experience as a Cinematographer with over 15 credits to his name on budgeted productions while also having the unique privilege in the modern digital world of shooting on both Film and Digital. In recent times, Justin had the opportunity to work in the camera department of several big budget productions for platforms like Foxtel and Stan in Australia.


Emily Kemp started her work in Production Design with the award winning short Film Nangana (2018). Instantly recognized for her visual aesthetics, she started doing short Films, music videos and commercials for organizations like Sony and The Australian Museum. Since then she has gone onto design 11 short films and 4 music videos including acclaimed films like A Tea Party for Sad People (2020) and Standby (2020).

She is currently working on an upcoming kid’s show for Nickelodean. Her personal style leans toward the dark and gritty, but yearns for any challenge to be thrown at her and push the boundaries of her comfort zone.


Jacob Hafner Keelan is a freelance Sound Recordist, Sound Mixer and Designer and a current member of Australian Screen Sound Guild. He graduated from Sydney Film School in 2018 having bagged various awards for his work in Short Documentaries and Films throughout his course. He also won the prestigious Greg Bell Student Sound Award at Australian Screen Sound Guild. Since graduating, he has continued freelance work in numerous shorts and web series.


Luna Pan is an award-winning screen, advertising and game composer from Sydney, Australia. She studied piano and music theory for a decade from a young age, now armed with a Bachelor scholarship degree in Composition and Music Production from the Australian Institute of Music. Luna has created soundtracks for feature films, TV programs, commercials, games and web productions. She has won the best composer award at the 29th Sydney Film School film festival with five of her short film compositions. She enjoys composing in a wide variety of genres and styles, as well as recording her own samples. When Luna is not writing music, she enjoys performing as a street dancer and can be found in numerous cultural festivals.


Faraaz Husain Rahman is an emerging writer, director and editor based in Sydney. He completed his degree in Screen and Media at Sydney Film School having directed two short films and produced and assisted in multiple others. His first directed film was a short documentary titled Walk Like Them which was selected at various festivals including the London Australian Film Festival. A Momentary Yearning is his first work of narrative fiction exploring themes of longing, aspirations and sacrifice which are personal to him. Being a cinephile from a young age, Faraaz has an exhaustive knowledge of film history and world cinema. His work is best described as an interesting meeting place of European/North American and Asian/Indian aesthetics and style.

He is currently working on his third directorial venture titled The Professional.
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