Francis is a war correspondent, in his mid 30s. Jaded and exhausted by war, he returns to the city he had left 10 years ago. He recalls his days as an idealistic young man, eager to change the world and a young woman named Nadine he had met and shared a deep bond with just before leaving for his first journalistic assignment. He attempts to reach out to Nadine again, yearning to find what he had left behind, and in the process discovers a truth he had not anticipated.



Francis was born in Australia. His grandfather served in World War II and his father served in Vietnam as a young man. While his grandfather died in war, his father survived, only to come home with PTSD. It was a difficult time for Francis and his mother but ultimately his father took his own life, not wanting to cause any more pain for his family.

Francis grew up with a question marking over his father’s actions and rejected the stories and official narrative around war of honour and pride. Suicide is seen as a cowardly act so everyone tried to over emphasise how brave and honourable his father was in war. Unable to reconcile this with his own experience of seeing his father battle PTSD, he grew determined to challenge the conventional stories and narratives around war – of honour and pride and decided to tell war stories that don’t come out. He studied journalism and focused on becoming a war correspondent.


Nadine was born in France and lost her family in a terrorist attack when she was around 12. She moved to Australia to make a fresh start. She has struggled to forge her own identity but is very driven. She is extremely passionate about food and cooking, which she inherited from her parents who were great chefs and ran their own restaurant. She had miraculously survived the terrorist attack (she was home) when her parents’ restaurant was blown up. Over time she has learned to use her passion and love of food history, culture and the art of cooking as a force to take her life forward. Instead of breaking her, it has made her more life affirming and forward looking. She is keen to forge a new narrative, not to be shaped by terrorism and violence.

Director's Vision

Coming of age in the 2000s meant that the layers of childhood and innocence we were protected by, unravelled pretty quickly. 9/11 was followed by the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq and it became very clear to people of my generation that war and destruction was not something of the past we read about in history but a reality of the present world. This film is an attempt to explore the impact of this period and how it shaped our choices, decisions and their consequences and the yearning to find meaning and love in such a world.
The formative years of my film education were spent watching and appreciating the works of masters, the great directors of performance, of drama and the ease and simplicity with which they pulled it off. Starting out to direct my first narrative short, I set a simple yet ambitious goal for myself – make something cinematic out of the most common and arguably least cinematic trope in cinema – two people talking to each other. The great directors I admired – Coppola, Mann, Scorsese or Linklater were masters of such a scene. A Momentary Yearning is built around the structure of two individuals talking to each other, across two different time periods in their lives. The idea was to compress their life experiences, emotions and aspirations within those carefully constructed scenes. The performances were key and I am indebted to my two actors – Mathilde and Lachlan for working so hard, take after take to get the scenes just right.
On behalf of the cast and crew of the film, I hope that audiences would be engaged, entertained and moved by the characters and their experiences.

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Cast & Crew

Francis // Lachlan Ingham
Francis Jr // Jarvis Flanagan
Writer, Director, Editor // Faraaz Husain Rahman
Producer // Kafka Keandre & Faraaz Husain Rahman
Director of Photography // Justin Latimer
Production Designer // Emily Kemp
Music // Luna Y Pan
Sound Designer, Mixer, Recordist // Jacob Hafner Keelan
1st Assistant Camera // Raghuvaran Venepally
2nd Assistant Camera // Carl-Henrik Isaksson
Gaffer // Krishna Ganesh
1st Assistant Director // Simon Talvend Gillner, Kafka Keandre, Sath Nadesan
Continuity // Nino Small
Executive Producers // Michael McClennan, Andrew Lawrence, Tanuj Narula

Behind the Scenes




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